By the grace of God our Parish continues to grow in all aspects of pastoral and community life!

To understand the future purpose of this new project we need a quick review of the past. Our previous Parish Center was an old house that was gifted and relocated from Yallourn North, but it was contaminated with Asbestos and constantly needed maintenance and treatment for white ants.

Due to occupational health and safety issues, it had to be demolished in 2013. As a consequence, our office administration function relocated into temporary accommodation.

Whilst this temporary accommodation appeared suitable as an immediate short-term solution, it did not adequately cater for all the requirements and activities that our Parish offers.

Rapid community growth

Our Parish grew rapidly, and Fr. John Allen (our previous Parish Priest) built up a very committed and inspiring community. But the community had no space to gather together.

That’s why we needed a new Parish Center to help foster community spirit by providing a place to gather and meet after Mass, especially on Sundays. The new center had to be large enough to provide sufficient meeting rooms to cater to the numerous committees and their respective activities, and to provide accommodation for our displaced administration office.

Other issues that the new project addresses are:

  • people movement and vehicular access in between Mass times; in particular on Sundays, and
  • connectivity and relationship between the Parish Center and the Church.

The New Building Plan

By the time Fr. Brendan Hogan was appointed Parish Priest on January 19, 2011, Fr. John Allen had already been working on the plan for a new Parish Center, administration block, and meeting rooms. The Parish Center project was ready for town planning and only needed final approval.

Fr. Brendan had little time to discern whether this was a project that the parish actually desired, so he gathered a group of parishioners to hear their views on the matter. The committee that gathered to look at the project felt that the plan did not entirely meet the needs of the Parish. They felt that OLHC needed additional facilities to enable the Parish’s larger vision. The proposal was presented to the Parish and by June 2013, the Committee drafted a project brief that outlined the larger needs of the Parish.

The Budget

A high level cost plan was undertaken as part of the studies. The total maximum budget allocated for this project is $3.28 million.

After extensive discussions with the Bishop, the architects and the Parish master plan committee, the project went into town planning and was approved in September 2016.

  • Total Project Value (Cost) $3.28 million
  • Total Approved Loan Value $2.58 million
  • Total Savings and Fundraising $1.103 million
  • Repayments over 20 years on the loan of $2.58 million at the current interest rate of 4.1% amounts to $19,500 per month.

How you can help

Every dollar makes a difference! You could consider the following donation options:

  • Make a one-time donation
  • Make a monthly donation (consider giving your monthly tithe directly to this project)
  • Help our Parish Committee fundraise for this project
  • Leave a bequest in your will to make a real and lasting difference for generations to come!

Donate by Cheque

Please make cheques payable to: Our Lady Help of Christians – Narre Warren
Mail the cheque to: Our Lady Help of Christians Parish, 496 Princes Highway, Narre Warren, VIC 3805, Australia

Donate via Internet Banking

To donate via bank transfer, use the information given below. Please ensure that you provide your name and contact information. You can contact our Parish Office for other convenient modes of giving as well.

Bank Name: National Australia Bank
Branch Narre Warren
Account No. 488925436
Name of the Account Our Lady Help of Christians – Narre Warren
BSB 083-879

This is an exciting time in the history of our Parish! Let’s count it a privilege to be part of building up God’s community in our part of the world.


Lord Jesus, you gather your holy people of Our Lady Help of Christians Parish, Narre Warren into your house of prayer, so that together we may worship God, share in your mission, and be strengthened in bearing witness as a community of disciples.

Hear our prayers and bless our labors as we renew our Parish Church and gathering space. May they be sacred to all who enter, places of welcome and hospitality, of blessing and thanksgiving, of new life, forgiveness and healing. There, may be share in your saving death and resurrection, and be built into temples of your Spirit to the praise and glory of God our Father.



Architect’s view of the new church

Demolition in progress – April 2017

A fresh beginning – October 2017