Jesus had concern for the sick and those who were suffering. He made no distinction among people and would lay His hands on them, or speak words that brought comfort and healing. Today, He still ministers to the sick through the sacramental life of the church.

When we ask in faith, we experience Jesus’ touch today, through the sacrament of anointing. Sickness becomes a special time of grace for us as we encounter the merciful Jesus more intimately. Although the sacrament is intended primarily to soothe and heal the spirit, frequently these spiritual effects flow into the body so that it is not uncommon to see some sick people actually return to normal life, deeply fortified in spirit. Special grace is given to all who receive this holy sacrament in faith, through the intercession of the priest who anoints them with holy oil.

How to receive this great grace?

This sacrament brings Jesus’ healing touch to the sick, giving them the ability to face their illness with courage.

  • If a member of your family is seriously ill, by all means send for your doctor but don’t forget to call for a priest as well. Don’t wait until the last moment to ask for the anointing to be administered. It is best done when the person is conscious and is able to co-operate with the priest as he prays and administers this sacrament with the comfort of the Holy Spirit, who gives great strength in time of distress.
  • Be an angel of mercy and talk to a sick friend or even someone who may have distanced themselves from the church but who needs comfort in time of sickness. You can help them receive this sacrament. Talk to your parish priest about it.
  • Teach your children about the importance of this sacrament so that they will grow in faith and render this work of mercy to you, to themselves and to others in times of sickness and need.

Did you know?

On Holy Thursday (before Easter) at a Special Mass in the Diocesan Cathedral, called the Chrism Mass, the Bishop consecrates the oil to be used in the anointing of the sick, invoking God’s Holy Spirit through this beautiful and powerful prayer:
‘O God, please send down from heaven the Holy Spirit into this rich oil, which you so kindly produce from the greenwood for the restoration of mind and body. Through Thy blessing, may all who are anointed with this heavenly medicine be protected in mind and body. May all pain of mind and body, all weakness and sickness, be removed.’

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